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    Process Day 1
    ~ Coke drum dual inlets vs single inlets
                    – Suncor blowouts & Doubling, Drains, Multiple inlets, single inlet orientation, hot spot / single entry, Default Dual entry
    ~ Quenching procedures Hot Spots
                    – Double Drains, Suncor checks / Quench, COP adjusted quench, Press Draining, Quench water ramping program, Enclosed shroud
    ~ Chloride deposited on top fractionator
                    – Suncor syncrude, Dispersant, Hydrolysis/Corrosion, CNRL 290-300F Frac Ovhd, Incl Water Wash, downstream implications
    ~ Foaming Issues
    ~ Reducing Cycle Times
    Process Day 2
    ~ Coke Fines
                    – Cone bottom constant drain.
                    – Fines management preventive maintenance.
                    – Corrosion dispersant; moves NH3CL to first liquid draw.
                    – Drum purge – 3 volumes of drum.
    ~ Water wash gas prior to amine scrub.
                    – Vent gas most vs liquid ring pumps.
    ~ Filters
                    – Spare capacity size for expected capacity
             – Steam cleaning back flush

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