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Price of 1% sulfur coke

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    From: Raja Sidu []
    Subject: Enquiry Petcoke
    Dear Sir,
    Your website is quite informative. Though no info is given on pricing for petcoke, please can you advise what the price of 1% sulphur petcoke is at present with no shot.
    Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

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    Raja – this is site for the exchange of ideas on coker operations, maintenance, safety, production & equipment applications.  If they talked about marketing or coke prices in same manner they would get into a lot of problems.
    Globally about 75-85 million metric tons of petcoke were produced last year of that less than 10-12 million metric tons were under 3.7% sulfur and of that less than 20% was below 1.5% sulfur level – all destined for high value markets, and several competing with metallurgical coal that has been above $300-400/ton… whatever they are charging its a bargin.
    I looked back and noticed that this is the second time you have asked the exact same question here (Nov 2005), and I sent you several emails explaining the market & where you could get anwsers, marketers to contact ect.  I also noticed I had sent same sort of answers in July & February to other friends for someone in India looking for LS petcoke.
    So – there are 3 possibilities:
    1) You have amnesia or alhiezmers – in which case after reading this erase the link here & write a note to yourself to have your doctor increase medication.[8D]
    2) You think you can catch someone in operations with his pants down and get this type of coke direct from the production site at below market price – never going to happen my friend these guys are integrated to marketing & know the market as well as their counterparts.[8|]
    3) You think the industry must be lying about the prices because you have some sort of BS internal transfer price in India and you can buy 1% petcoke elsewhere to blend in with your needle coke operations & sell it for graphite coke and make ton money now that India has won an Anti Dumping case against Europe selling Needle coke there ….. but you dont make enough green to satisfy the demand………Most likely case.[&o]
    4) You are just too cheap to pay for subcriptions to Argus, CRU or other market analyzers, and instead of paying your dues to learn it – want bumble (several times now) around until something falls into your lap……Never gonna happen.[:(]
    Charlie Randall

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