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Pressure Draining Coke Drums

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    coker squirrel

    Has anyone experimented with pressuring the water out through the drain line after the coke drum has been quenched? With the vent line valves remaining in the closed and the top head on, add steam pressure to the top of the drum to pressure the water out the drain line. After an x-amount of time or most of the water has cleared from the drain, shut off the steam and open the vent. I have not tried this because I don’t have a large enough steam line for the top of the drum. I was wondering if it would be worth the investment to equip the top of the drum with a larger steam line for this purpose. I am looking for ways to trim time and this may be one way. [sm=rolleyes.gif]

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    We’ve pressured up a drum to help drain when we have a slow draining drum. 

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