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Predicting Sponge vs. Shot Coke

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    Sharon Mayo

    We make anode grade sponge coke, and drill directly into railcars. We currently have manual unheaders, but hope to get approval to install Delta valves. I am looking at a project to run some “opportunity” crudes and have noted that coker feed properties indicate we would move away from sponge coke towards shot coke on the proposed crude slate. Though I have heard a lot of rules of thumb on how to predict whether a given coker feed will produce shot coke, I haven’t seen anything published. Does anyone have any feed property guidelines on where the transition point occurs from sponge coke to shot coke? Is there a database of which crudes produce shot coke?

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    Since the variability in the feedstock properties with Oppurtunity crudes is wide…
    It is recommended to conduct pilot coker tests under different conditions to observe the morphology of coke produced. There is a good pilot coker university research facility in Oklahoma.


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    There are several literature where you can found some explanation about that:

    -Jakob, Russ R., “Coke Quality and How to make it” Hydrocarbon Processing, Sep-71
    -Marsh, H, Clavert, Bacha,J., “Structure and Formation of Shot Coke”- A microscopy study”, Journal of materials Science, March 13, !894, Chapman and Hall Ltd, PP 289-302
    -Ellis, PaulJ, Bacha, John D. “Shot Coke” Ligth Metal 1996, PP 477-484
    -Ellis, PaulJ., Hardin, Edward E.,”How Petroleum Delayed Coke form In a Drum” Light Metal 1993 pp 509-515
    -Ellis, Paul J. Hardin “Pilot delayed Coker” Light Metal 1992 pp 609-615

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