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    Gary Hawley

    I was investigating install new switch valves at a refinery and my client inquired about “Poyan” switch valves.  I tried to find information on “Poyan” but found nothing.  Does anyone have “Poyan” switch in their refinery or have first hand knowledge of these valves?

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    Claus Graf

    You might want to check this web site:
    In the coker I worked, we had a Velan switch valve that performed flawlessly, until we switched a drum with no steam pressure and the resid got in the ball cavity.

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    chris fisher

    Also check out    SchuF has been making liftplug valves since 1914.  Thay have a few options worth checking out.

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    I believe the Flint Hills refinery in Corpus Christi has a Poyam switch valve that has been in service for several years. The only active players in the switch valve market are Velan and Metso. Both ball valves.

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    Poyam is active in Delayed Coker units supplying Non Lubricated Lift Plug and Switch Lift Plugs. In USA is operating the switch valves in KOCH Refinery, CHEVRON (SALT LAKE), FOSTER WHEELER (FLINT HILLS) and more.
    Recently also we have supplied switch valves for several coker units in China, for Sinopec, including switch valves 6″, 12″, 14″. For further information please contact to

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    I believe this Poyam from Spain and type considered is lift plug valves. 

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    mike murphy

    ValvTechnologes offers the next generation of Switch Ball type valves. The design is an offshoot of their highly reliable Isolation valves

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