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Plugged Coke Drum Inlet

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    Hey folks,
    I have a question concerning plugged feed lines. I am writing a procedure for clearing a plugged inlet line to a coke drum. We are going to have Z and J slide valves with the feed entering from the side of the cone. The concern is coke plugging the line during the decoke.I am used to Hahn and Clays and we used the jet pump to clear out the feed line. Does anyone have any suggestions. Especially if the feed inlet is blocked when switching into the drum. How would you clear the line?

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    Nor Syamrin Wagirin

    keeping the quench water running into the inlet line during drilling will keep the line clear.. blow the line with steam prior closing..

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    I agree with blowing the feed line with steam prior to closing the drum, which is a very good practice we have developed over the years at our Coker.

    Keeping the quench water running into the inlet line during drilling would only work if you have individual quench water controllers for each of your coke drums. Usually on a 4 drum Coker you have 2 drums coking, 1 quenching while the other is being drilled.

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    no plugged Inlet occured ,just take it easy.

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