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    Hello people i am realy new to understanding coking and the certain parts and companies assosiated with it. i am working on a project and my perticular subject given to me is coking in the refining petrochemical area!does any one have any links data bases or web sites assosiated  with the subject or suppliers and manufactures. many thank james finch-knightley

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    Charles Randall

    Fist thing to do is to lean enough about Coking to speak language & ask questions so you dont waste lot time getting to what goal area your interested in. So go back home page & slide over to “Links” and look at areas here.
    The top link to suppliers has lot of areas you requested – vaious players on petcoke market, reporting publications & technology experts. <Some like CIA have links on thier page to Industry Coking Tutorials & Basic Coking explainations>.Drop down to bottom part Links page and it has several PDF’s on Industry Coking Tutorials & Basics coking – some overlap with CIA links>
    Then go to “Contacts” on home page – the top 7-10 Refining companies control +75% industry capacity & almost all have some patents or Technology for coking (ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, Petrobras, ect) so take the last part of the email address of the contacts and put it with www and go explore / search their homepages as well.  EPC companies like Foster Wheeler, Bechtel, ABB, Fluor, ect all have sections & presentations around coking but may have drill down or do general google search for some of them.
    That should get you started as shortcut on some players … also see Petcoke publications like Argus Petroleum, Jacobs/Pace, Roskill or CRU for links to various producers/consumers/marketers ect.

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    Claus Graf

    Here is a good place to start:


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