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Plant shut down when compressor trip

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    Is it necessary to shut down the plant when compressor trip?
    We have four coke drums and one compressor.
    We find the flare has too big fire when the compressor trip.
    What is the industrial strategy toward to this abnormal event.

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    firstly everything will depend on the environmental regulations and second of the disposition of the unstabilize naphtha of the top of the fractionator, exist some disegn.that in spite of having the compressor out of service, you can continued sending the gasoline to the absorbent /depropanizer (and also to debutanizer ) if you can keep the system pressed with natural gas or refinery gas, (trying to eliminate the light components), in other units can be send it  to the flare drum (stripper) and send  to slop in order to reprocessed,  It is to say depend of the disposition of your unstabilized naphtha stream

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