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Petcoke Dust Problems – Check Out NASA new Material design

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    basil parmesan

    Refinery Coke Handlers dealing with coke dust problems : coating Nomex clothing/sticking to equipment surface &control room ect.  Seems NASA has patent on material from nature that can repel dust – seems the moon dust caused lot more problems than they shared – tore up materials/equipment/filters/space suits. (There isnt anything to smooth sharp surface of dust particles.)
    I saw Sicence magazine in library that Nasa just came up with new design material patterned off Lotus leaf (has surface texture naturally repels water & dust). Lotus leaf acts like surface is plastic coated – but has micro extensions that hold material above surface until rain/water washes it off (also held above surface).
    NASA Article/Material Link:
    Really cool – too bad the Chinese will probably get benefit of it since they are running ahead with their Space/Moon program (stealing all Tech stuff from US thru hacking Pentagon – read new book out about it “Death by China”)

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