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Pet coke ban

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    Freddy Martinez

    I work for a small refinery in the Mid-Continent region. Just this week, I was told that we can no longer sell our fuel grade coke in the U.S. Supposedly, the Obama Administration has banned the use of pet coke as a fuel in boilers, kilns, furnaces, etc, in the U.S. for environmental reasons. I was told that for several months now, all our coke has been sent to the Port of Catoosa at Tulsa, where it is loaded onto barges and sent to the gulf for loading onto ships and sent to other countries. Coke sales, which netted our refinery two million dollars last year is now sold at break even or a small loss because of this.
    Is this true? I’m not surprised at any thing this President would do, but I would have thought that something as big as this would have been reported on this forum by now.

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    Charles Randall

    I am not aware of any ban on petcoke in any use. I have no doubt that a lot of the Obama Energy outcomes are going to be very harsh on any fossil fuel & especially so for Coal & Petcokes. But he hasnt even got Trade & Cap (or Cap & Die  more accurately) passed thusfar.
    This sounds like the petcoke from Holly/Sun refinery in Tulsa & perhaps it is more a function of its 1..5%Sulfur no longer fitting the niche carbon markets nearby as result of Holly taking more agressive posture on crudes with higher sulfur. Some of the Ferro Alloys/Carbon/Specialty Fuel applications might have been impacted from BACT on furnace emissions along the lines of the Coal Coke furnace emissions that would push petcoke out of Met Coal blend?

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