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Pad vs pit

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    We currently are using a pit and crane operation.  A new coker is in the planning stages and currently has a pad with 30 ft walls below the drums and a 8 ft wall with 2 ramps for dozer access to pad on the back side. 
    Question is, are there any other cokers that use the pad vs pit and how do you ensure safe access to the pad after drum cuts. (Considered a non permitted confined space)
    T.L Smith
    Valero Port Arthur Tx 

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    Why change the existing configuration ?

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    The Cokers I work on, all have a pad and front end loaders , this is  driven by reliability. to date we have not had any issues with this method of coke removal.
    Can you tell me what size drums your installing and the expected coke volume in your pit.
    Thanks RAS

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    We have two gantry cranes that are a PM and maintenance concern.  Downtime and cost are the main reasons at looking at a pad design.

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    29’X112′ – The last I heard was 7000 tons capacity. Have you had any problems with the the dozer entry to the pit? Our concern is hot coke emitting CO and H2S.  

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    ted pivo

    our current coker has a pad; we have had incidents during shot coke runs where the front end loaders windshield have been blown in on the operator when hot shot are hit, we have installed bullet proof glass windshields and deflectors on the buckets. the new coker will have a pit, 2 cranes

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    We operate a slurry system in our DCU.
    The main problem is that shot coke is forbidden.
    It is difficult to open the bottom head if we make shot coke.

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    Who are the suppliers of crane for cokers? I understand Kone is the only aggressive player today in the market for cokers.
    P& H and Morriss have also been acquired by Kone.

    Has any other manufacturer supplied cranes to Cokers earlier.
    Can anyone suggest an alternate supplier?

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    We have recently bought a crane to a Spanish company named TAIM TFG. They are supplying 2 cranes for a spanish company which is building 2 new DCU in different cities. Apart from Kone they were the best we found, this is the link to the web page:

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    We run a 2 drum coker with reletively small (22 * 104ft) drums. We have had no problems with using a front end loader to remove and load coke via conveyors and grinder to raill cars.  Two suggestions: 1) Use an oversized bucket to reduce wear on the loader and keep up with conveyor. 2) Be sure to build a concrete ramp to the hopper…currently our pad has no concrete ramp and we have to build it out of coke.  Time is required to rebuild this after a cut, not to mention possible safety implications if the ramp did collapse or sluff off while loading.

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