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Packing Bed Fire

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    Freddy Martinez

    We released our main tower to maintenance using chemical washing. After the tower was opened we observed some gas and we immediatly close the tower and filled up with water. After all this we verified that two packing bed was demaged. The packing beds is 410 SS. After 5 dias with the tower opened we observed another gas production on the top of the beds (bottom beds) and we started spraying water each 3 times a day.
    What is it the procedure or technique to check if these beds was demaged ? We are testing the material from the beds (top and bottom) for metalografy test and visual inspection. Also, we intend to do a water test on the beds (inject water on the distribuitor beds and verify the water distribution).
    How can I check the packing beds without to remove itself from the tower ? 

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