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Outage level measurement post delta valve installation

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    Tina Lindell

    Currently at our facility, coker drum outages are measured via tape through the top nozzle before coke cutting.  With the installation of top drum delta valves in the near future, coke drum measurements via tape through the top nozzle will no longer be possible.  I would really appreciate hearing how other facilities who have installed top delta valves take their outage measurements prior to coke cutting.  Thanks.

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    Which is the reason that no allow to you to continue making that practice??
    ergonomics? security? impediment of the new facilities?

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    Will you have a cutting tool enclosure ?

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    Claus Graf

    Just an idea. Get a laser distance measurement tool. Lower the cutting tool and drill stem into the drum until it hits the top of the coke bed. Using the laser tool measure from the cutting deck to the crosshead. Then based on your drill stem dimension you can correlate this measurement to the cutting tool elevation in the drum and get the outage dimension.
    Regards, CG

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