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Operating experience of Terrace Wall heater

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    Freddy Martinez

    We now plan to add a heater in our coker unit.
    Our existing heaters are double fire type.
    Some vendor suggest us to purchase Terrace Wall double fire type.
    Can someone comment on this new kind of heater?

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    Paul Orlowski

    I look forward to reading comments here in this forum. In addition, I encourage you to attend the Safety Seminar the week of April 19th.

    There’s a whole day focused on heaters. In the morning there’s heater and related presentations. In the afternoon, join in heater discussion groups with refiners and suppliers on whatever topics are most important to you. Throughout the day meet with heater experts in the exhibition hall. There’s also a Heater/Fractionator Training Class starting April 22.

    Here’s the confirmed presentations:
    1) FosterWheeler: Coker Heater Design-The Heart of the Coking Process.
    2) Sonomatic: Predicting and preventing carburization-induced failures of coker heater tubes.
    3) Increase Performance Inc: Improved Combustion Improves Heat Flux Distribution
    4) CSI-Controls Southeast Inc: Stop Plugging Those Lines – Areas in the coker most susceptible to plugging and the heating solution.
    and more presentations being finalized…
    5) Coker Heater Pilot Plant – An Improved Tool for Understanding Heater Fouling and Fouling Control.
    6) New Spalling Technology – Increase efficiency and run lengths, reduces fuel consumption and CO2 green house gases.
    7) Operational and Design Issues Faced by Low & Ultra Low NOx Burners for Delayed Coking Furnaces.
    8) Heater Best Practices

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    Mehmet zdemir

    Mr. Orlowski,
    You have mentioned about the Safety Seminar the week of April 19th. I wonder if it is possible to send me the detailed seminar programme. 

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    To my knowledge the terrace wall design is twenty years old or so, it is not a new design.   I assume your true goal is to operate a good coker furnace that achieves something in the order of 6 months between on-line spalling cleaning.   Most well designed double fired furnaces, box type or terrace walled, will achieve the six month furnace runs between on-line spalling.   The terrace wall is the most expensive way to purchase a double fired furnace.    The one pass per cell, terrace wall design costs a lot to build, total costs may be 20-30% more than a one pass per cell, double fired furnace with the typical box design.   When you study your new furnace be sure to get competitive quotes from other companies.    There does not appear to be very much value for the extra cost.

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    Claus Graf

    In a coker a worked a few years ago, we were able to run for 3-4 months between on line spalls.
    Below you will find a link to useful information:


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    Anybody using steam-air decoking for Coker Heaters?

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    ted pivo

    we have used steam air decoking for years. the main problem is wearing out elbow bends. have you ever tried the walnut cleaning for outside of the tubes

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    No, since a while..Besides the poor results (does not efficiently remove metals) when compared to pigging and is not worth from economical point of view when compared with online spalling since heater has to be completely shutdown. 

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    Gaetano Ambrosino

    any type of furnace you choose must have a system for measuring real-time temperature.

    an example of how looks in a Terrace Wall double fire type is

    Please visit


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