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Operating experience of Delta Valve

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    We now use Hahn&Clay deheading facility in this refinery.
    We would like to know the actual operating experience of Delta Valve.

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    I would recommend you go to the Safety Seminar.  There’s lots of others guys like us who already have it installed and you can talk about it from hands on experiences.  We love it.  There was a couple hundred at the seminar last week.  It’s Excellent!!!  They also have a Deltavalve user workshop right after it, so you get to discuss it there too.  We’ve gone for several years.  It’s the best.  They have one coming up in September.  Good Luck.

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    We have Delta Valves top and bottom and they have worked well for us besides minor hydraulic issues but that typically happens from overheating the hydraylic fluid during hot summer months.  The problems were related to pump issues and valve problems.  We kept blowing hydraulic lines as well.

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    bobby gawlik

    We used to have the Hahn and Clay unheading device on our drums and now have Delta Valves on top and bottom. As for as maintainence we have cleaned our hydraulic tank and coolant tank once in over 2 years. Adjusted the packing on the rams once and that is all we have had to do to our system. And if you are management the safety of your personel outways the cost of these valves. I have 20 years experience operating cokers and after we installed these valves my life expectancy increased dramatically.

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