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    Freddy Martinez

    Can any one suggest me what is the advantageous way to carry out APH washing , whether to by pass the flue gas side and go for washing or without bypassing we can go for the washing?

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    We are having LCGO product as carrier to the antifoam to coke drum which is having no backup , if during the course of switchover activity LCGO product pump fails what shall be the immediate action to be carried ou?

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    You should have at least one lean sponge oil pump (unstripped LCGO) which could serve as back-up for LCGO product pumps; definitely you need some sort of carrier available; some cokers have HCGO as backup, which is cheaper than having to bypass coke drums due to lack of antifoam; now, if happen that none liquid carrier is available, this may sound wird, but I’ve used steam as last resource. 

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    himesh nath

    Can u kindly elaborate on how you had admited steam in that line ?

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    Sure. Just need a 3/4″ connection at antifoam pumps discharge and connecting a hose with 150# steam connection; be sure to slowly open the steam while increasing antifoam flow; if possible, you can also add a temporary piping connection to add heavy gas oil to the antifoam tank while mixing it with steam at pump discharge.

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