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On-line spalling a two-pass furnace

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    Has anyone had experience performing on-line spalling on a 2-pass furance?  We have always steam-air decoked our heaters; however, this requires a complete heater shutdown every 2.5-3 months.  We would like to perform on-line spalling as a more efficient decoking method, but were always told only 4-pass furnaces can be spalled on-line.  What issues could we experience in on-line spalling a two-pass furnace vs. a four-pass furnace? 
    We have two cabin style heaters (one heater for each pair of coke drums).  Each heater has two-passes with a common convection section and a brick dividing wall in the middle of the firebox.  The burners are along each side of the middle brick wall firing vertically.  600# steam is used as the velocity media and enters at the convection inlets only.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.

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