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    Freddy Martinez

    I just have to vent a little! Let me just make this clear I have no problem drilling for oil BUT!!!!

    I can not believe that there is not a emergency plan for something like this especially when they drill down 5000 feet into water! We all know that there is not very many options on what to do if something like this occurs but I would like to know where is the “What if” questions and answers when drilling for oil that deep?
    As far as trying there best to fix the problem and not do anything with the oil that continues to fill up the Gulf, it’s a joke!! They could have depolyed tanker barges to pump the oil a few days after the incident occured just to keep it some what contained while they figure out how they stop the leaks.
    This COO of BP needs to stay off the news he is starting to sound like a fool!!

    That is all !!

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    Charles Randall

    I agree on all counts but I think the blame needs to be spread out to all folks at blame & not just the BP Oil company on this deal. First let me say that BP has lot talented & experienced folks working for it ,,,,,,,, I just have never seen very many at top of organization & saying COO is starting to sound like fool is sort like saying how is weather – its retorical question.
    You mention the “What if” question on drilling this deep & think you got to heart of issue – only major oil companies have the ability to even attempt this & they are all charting new territory without much background to chart the reaction proceedure when accidents like this happen. If you read accounts there were safety systems that were designed but because poor to non existent maintenance didnt function & even if they had the reaction time was too slow to head off a release at this pressure & velocity.
    The second part of “What if” along with responsibility for doing something with spill already in the Gulf …… you can thank the Obama adminstration for that delay & lack of action! After the Valdez incident – US Coast Guard put in a plan of action and what needs to be done on spill of this type magnitude. Unfortunately it still needed some one to give the go ahead for response & despite the Democratic claims they were involved from “Day 1” they didnt do anything for the first 3-5 days towards activiting Coast Guard when it could have been more easily contained.  Lot of the sham show is just make BP full villian and take heat off Obama & Congress for using it as political gain to stop offshore drilling like he wants.

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