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    Freddy Martinez

    How can I start up a new refinery ? If I have a Destilation and vaccum unit, DCU, HCC, Diesel Hydrotreater and so on. What is it the logical procedure to start up the units on the On Site ? I mean. First I beginning to start up the destilation unit or Diesel Hydrotreater ? Anybody knows any paper about that ?

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    Charles Randall

    I am afraid sir that if you dont know this basic step then you dont have any business trying to start up a new refinery. Anyone expecting to operate a new Grassroots should have been going thru a year long process of simulation on virtual units in a training trailer for that purpose given by an ex-operator who makes military drill seargents look like girl scouts.

    This is not an OJT program – refineries are far too complicated and dangerous for anyone trying to do it using training wheels.

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