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    When is the United States going to begin forcing (if they can) oil companies to start building refineries & ease some of this bottleneck? This situation is a joke! Lack of refinery capacity keeps prices artificially high which is what the iol companies want anyway. You’d think these political canadates would jump on the bandwagon to help ease this situation. God for a decent alternative energy source! billyk

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    Chevron is building a refinery addition that will change everything we know about the industry.
    It will be huge when announced. They will be the leader of the world with this process.

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    another thing, give Bush more credit than you do. The man knows what is coming in the future to help with our eneregy needs.
    Most people have no idea what it costs the majors for R&D. They have no idea how much is being spent with new patented technologies so advanced the public has no clue what is coming. The best thing to do is buy Chevron stock.

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    You are blaming the wrong group on this problem & issue. Enviromental stupidity is behind problem of not getting new refineries – NIMBY’s who dont give crap about the environment and EPA are problems but never see to get heat.  The Refinery in Yuma has everyone behind the new refinery but isnt getting past the Environmentalist – it is just one of 13 states that have no refining capacity & when anything happens to 2 pipelines that feed into state it becomes Crisis. The lack of capacity forces US to import gasoline – how many major oil companies do you know of that like having to import from competitor (Like idiot Chavez) and run their own asset at lower capacity.  Do math the economics just don’t work – all it does is create demand destructions.
    And do you seriously think Oil industry wants to invest money in refineries like Lima (recently sold to Husky) that are over 100 years old with units replaced & patched in over last 30 years….instead of building new one? 
    Same thing is true on cost of Gasoline – no one explains that all the low sulfur fuel regulations, reduced vapor pressure, removal of MTBE add over $0.5-75/gallon to cost and reduces the amount that can be produced. And we have so many different flavors (cocktail spec’s each state gets create its own) that it is no longer fungible so you cannot shift oversupply to short region most of the time.
    You want climb on high horse – make sure you get the right pony cowboy…..

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    Amen, Charlie
    The problem we have has been created by BIG GOVERNMENT. There are no new refineries being built in the US, and demand is increasing worldwide every day. Our country has to decide if we want to have a cheap and abundant supply of oil, or do want to restrict the free market by using environmental laws.
    The technology to build cleaner refineries is here. And I live in Louisiana, so I know about the environment around these facilities.
    I wish we had 10 being built here!

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    What if the answer to the refining problem had been solved already and the public doesn’t know it.
    There is a fix coming that does not require new plants, what if you had that technology? What would it be worth?
    What if Bush already knows about it?

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    There is a plant addition in Mississippi that will change everything, you just havn’t heard about it yet and you won’t at least not for years to come if ever.

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    There is a new Refinery proposed in Yuma Arizona.  It is called Arizona Clean Fuels.  You can read about it at
    The people that are trying to get this facility built have been struggling the the mountain of red tape our Government has put in front of all Refiners who would like to either expand their current facility or build a new one.  Many people are not aware that it takes between 18 to 24 months to receive back a permit request from the EPA for a Refinery expansion request.  That is if you are lucky and they give you the permit.  If people want to see more Refinery construction in the US they have to tell Congress to relax or at least speed up the process.  The other thing to note is that many smaller Refiners could not afford to make the big capital investment improvements required over the past 15+ years when margins were extremely tight.  They are now able to make these badly needed fixes/expansions while margins are good.

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    Can you expand on that Chevron comment? Where can you get info?  billyk

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    Why can’t the government simply say- screw the environmentalists! We have to do what is good for the country & we CAN do it safely! Are they that big of a voting block?? billyk

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    From what I have seen/learned, it’s not realy the oil companies not wanting to build new refineries or expand existing refineries. A large issue is the EPA, permiting a new refinery is a nightmare. There is a proposed new refinery in Arizona, this refinery has been in the works for over 10 years; the bottleneck here is permiting issues and the NOT IN MY BACKYARD metality.

    Refiners not building new refineries or increasing production because they want to artificially inflate pricing is silly. If refiners increased production or built new refineries they would still be making the same money with a lower pump price. After all they would still be selling the same or increased amout of gas. 
    I work in the environmental permiting/stack testing field as a refinery expert. I work for some of the largest producers in the US.

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