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    Rang Nath Dubey

    We are going to have a Coker of 4.0 MMTPA as a part of refinery expansion. Would like to know industry best practices related with Coke Drum heading / unheading, heaters , Wet gas compressors, level measurement of Coke Drums as well as primary fractionators. Your valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated as we are in the initial phase of the project and want to finalise the design basis for the same. Your suggestions will help us to design our new coker as close as possible to an ideal one.

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    Hi, sorry I did not understand where this coker would be installed, what state, or country?

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    Rang Nath Dubey

    It will be installed in India in the state of Gujarat

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    Michael Lemeshev

    You had asked about the best industry practices for Coker Drum Un/De-heading. I represent Zimmermann & Jansen. We manufacture this type of equipment. Please contact our office in Germany. Contact name: Peter Viess,, +(49) 2421-691-104 (main: +(49) 2421-691-0)

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    If you want the best unheading.. GO with the Delta valve.. We have the delta valve now and it far surpasses our expectations

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    Michael Lemeshev

    I would just like to mention that there is a viable alternative: Zimmermann & Jansen.
    People that had only one choice during their purchasing cycle should keep that in mind.
    Z&J is completing a testing cycle at a large west coast refinery.
    Currently this test is producing very good results.
    Please contact us for further information.

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    Rang Nath Dubey

    Could you kindly suggest refinery good practices regarding the following :-

    • Wet gas compressors : whether to go to go for electical or steam turbine driven ? If steam turbine is chosen, will one drive serve the pupose ?
    • For coke handling , whether to go for pit or pad design ?
    • Whther to go for caustic wash in Coker naphtha.
    • Can slurry oil / LCO be used as fuel in Coker furnaces.

    Please come out with your valuable suggestions and help us.

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    Hello, I am new to this forum. We are in design stage of expanding our present 2 drum coker to a parallel 4 drum system. Our present unheading system is Hann& Clay swing away Bottom.  Manual top. We have had many problems with these.  We are looking at the Delta Valve and the Z&J.  Is there any significant difference in the Delta Valve design and the Z&J, the Z& J appears more complex. 
    What problems has anyone had with these type valves.  Delta claims NO mechanical problems in any instalations so far [5 yrs]  The other issue is remote operation: has anyone had significant problems with this?? Thank you

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    Mitchell Moloney

    The complexity of both auto slide valves is essentially the same.  We (ExxonMobil) have completed testing of the Z&J valve at our Torrance Refinery, and are completely satisfied with its operation after almost 2 years of operation.  We have proved out its throttling capabilities and are very happy with its dual-seat design and low steam consumption, which should be very robust over the long haul.  We have also been operating Delta Valves for almost 6 months.  I recommend that you competitively bid  both valves and do a thorough evaluation relative to your installation and process needs.  If you want to talk more, call me at 703-846-5905.   Best regards – Mitch Moloney

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    Claus Graf

    Welcome to the forum. I agree with Mr. Moloney that you should competitively bid both valves. You can read more deltavalve user’s experience in the:  All Forums>>[Cokedrums]>>Top&Bottom Unheading section in this forum.
    The 4 drum delayed coker I worked in a few years ago had the Hahn & Clay hydraulic unheading cart that was replaced with Delta Valves bottom unheading devices. The only problem with this installation was not with the valves but the transition spool was bolted to the coke drums and started leaking a few months after put in service. An upgraded gasket has been put in place with good results. I would recommend you weld the transition spool to the coke drum.

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    As to the level control of the coke drum, i would recommend to use the Gamma Nuclear level along with a vapor density device.  This would allow you to not only know the exaclt location of the top of th efoam layer but also the any amount of particluar matter that is leaving through the overhead lines by watching the change in vapor density.

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    zhiwen yu

    The complexity of both auto slide valves is essentially the same.  Ithink this maybe could help you that we have completed testing of the Z&J valve at our Torrance Refinery, and are completely satisfied with its operation after almost 2 years of operation.  Hope that is usefull to you!

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