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Naptha Wash for Wet Gas Compressor Impellers

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    Desh 562001

    Any established data on Naptha Injection for Impeller cleaning, frequency of wheel wash and problems encountered during such cleaning operations? Do you have wet gas compressors with on-line naptha injection installed? How do you estimate the Naptha requirement; is there any safety hazard (fire hazard) associated with this injection? 
    Experts advise is requested.

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    Nor Syamrin Wagirin

    hi there,
    our coker is installing a naphtha wash injection facility to the second stage of the wet gas compressor. We are using centrifugal compressor from MHI. MHI has advised the liquid rate to be at 1wt % of the gas rate.

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    at petrocedeo upgrader the nafta wash for wet gas compressor impellers, is dirialy during 20 minutes. Is a good practice.

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    Good morning,
    is there any general procedure available for cleaning the coke compressor without stopping it?
    I would like to know any useful information to proceed, because it is the first time I am facing it.
    Thank you for your support,

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