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    How is the naphtha hydrotreating facilities set up for processing of coker naphtha product? Is anyone using a tank between the coker and naphtha hydrotreater or just a feed surge drum located at the coker unit?

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    A surge drum is good enough for the Naphtha Hydrotreater but cushion in volume of the surge has to be provided to take care of the fluctuation in the Coker Naptha yiled according to the coking cycle.

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    There are issues surrounding Coker naphtha that present problems in hydrotreaters in any configuration.  If you are going to use a storage tank / surge drum arrangement, definitely consider antioxidant injection.  Hope this helps……[;)]

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    If your unit has a drum (absorber/depropanizer feed Drum) or some drum after de discharger compressor (second stage), it is possible to worke with the controls engineer so that this drum absorb the changes in the gasoline production that generally are affected during the switch of drums. This is obtained, working with the tuning (constants,etc) associated to the level control valve, allowing that the level within the drum moves. In order words allowing  that the variations of the flow going to the hidrotreatment change slowly. This is in case that you do not have a storage tank between coker and the HDS unit. We did in several coker and the control for the HDS unit improve enormously
    I hope this help you (I’m sorry for my english), Best Regards

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    We have the ability to route directly to the surge drum or to a storage tank, depending on the run the hydrotreater is on.                                                                               

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    Surge drum is good enough, but the volume of the surge drum should be able to handle the variation in naphtha flow during the coking cycle.

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