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    after our last Maintenance for our heater, and during Hydro test we faced a several leaks from the mule ear, we opened them and polished the surface then we installed it back, i would like to know if there is any other way of servicing mule ear to ensure and to minimize the number of leaks ????
    Note: we have horizontal tube heater.

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    Claus Graf

    Mule ear tip:
    Make sure you mark every plug location, so you can put it back in the same place after maintenance.


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    before install we cover with a mix of oil and grafite when the tube is heat this mix seal the ear mule, we do not had any leak

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    Mohammad Mashhadi

    please can you spicify which type of oil and grafite do you use?

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    craig catton

    We’ve got the same problem. The manufacturer recommends using a high solids (nickel based) antiseize compound. Not so sure about use of graphite. Anyone else out there have some wisdom?

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    we used oil and grafite in our coker heater for several years without any problem with leak

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    Carlos Di Marco

    We have a serious problem in our coker heater. Every time we have to decoke or shut down the heater leaks appear and we are days trying to stop them. Maintenance people use grafoil tape to seal the mule ear. Despite this seems to work, the seal is not good enough and when we feed the heater, the mule ear leaks until they coke.
    Can anyone tell me about that mixture of oil and grafite? In which proportions do you mix them? or is there a procedure for repairing the return bends?
    Id very appreciated if you can help me.
    Other thing… Does anyone have a procedure for pressure-test the fired heater?
    Thank you very much!!

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