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Motiva Port Arthur Refinery/Coker is 90% Complete

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    basil parmesan

    Motiva PArthur Refinery is 90% Complete

    Port Arthur refinery will be 600,000 bpd
    * Will be deep conversion plant
    * Refinery to process wide variety of crude oils

    NEW YORK, Oct 27, 2011 (Reuters) – The expansion of the Motiva
    Port Arthur, Texas refinery is 90 percent complete and start-up
    procedures are slated to begin in the first half of next year,
    Shell officials said on Thursday.
    The officials made the remarks about the refinery, jointly
    owned by Royal Dutch Shell and Saudi Aramco, in a
    third-quarter earnings conference call.
    The refinery is currently rated at 325,000 barrels per day
    of input capacity and will expand to 600,000 bpd once the
    expansion is complete.
    The refinery will be one of the largest in the Western
    Hemisphere once the upgrade is complete.
    Shell and Aramco decided in September 2007 almost to double
    the size of the Port Arthur refinery, and construction began
    shortly thereafter.
    The expanded refinery will be able to process a wide
    variety of crude oil streams and be capable of deeper
    conversion than at present, a company news release said.

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    Charles Randall

    Here is new update Motiva Pt Arthur but really nothing new since the May-July update versions of this. Motiva Refinery Expansion (& coker) was ~75-80% complete back in Mar 2009 when they decided to halt project for ~2 years. Since Valero dropped out PtArthur race – it let Total get glory for being first compelte, not sure what Motiva gained since all major equipment was already bought & installed – just added cost (crazy move).

    Also they are really stretching the bragging rights – Motiva PA is “barely” largest just in US (XOM Baytown is 560MBD & Baton Rouge is 505 MBD). And worldwide it would still be 6th behind refineries that range from 650-1,250 MBD (Reliance which is still worlds largest – double 8 drum cokers are barely more than Suncor’s Upgrade coker 20 drums (2- 8drum units & now 4 drums into 3rd unit )


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