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    Mitchell Moloney

    Monday Breakout Discussions
    Installation & Turnaround
    1. Availability of Large Cranes
    2. Pre-TA activities prior to install
    3. Lifting Devices Types
    4. Schedule Replacement & TA
    5. Trigger for Repair vs. Replace
    6. Hydro?

    Engineering & Design
    1. Factors that affect fatigue design
       a. Wall Thickness: Uniform Wall; Integral reinforced nozzles
       b. Operating practices, switch/quench cycle time are critical to reduce fatigue
    2. Best Feed Nozzle Location
       a. Not enough history with alternate feed nozzle location to evaluate
    3. Recommended Material For New Drums
       a. More information needed, not enough detailed study done.

    Fabrication & Repair
    1. Minimizing Circ Welds
       a. Eliminate # of circ welds in quench zone
       b. Prior to 01 lots of cracking 01 installed vertical plate design no cracking since
    2. Inspection Criteria During Fabrication
       a. Important to have excellent specs
         i. Tolerances, i.e. matching plates roundness
       b. Fabricator qualification
       c. Enforcement of specification
    3. Bulging
       a. Repair
          i. Overlay
       b. Replace
       c. Monitoring-strain gauges
       d. Repair utilizing temper bead procedure
       e. cracking no correlation with size of bulge
       f. Geometry of bulges

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