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Mercaptans level in Coker LPG

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    Cassandra Bramwell

    My refinery is in the FEED stage of putting in a Delayed Coking Unit (DCU). The DCU licensor has provide a total mercaptan value of 1200 ppm. This value seems high, can anyone say what is the typical total mercaptan seen in the Coker LPG stream prior to treatment? ( Crude API 22)

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    Gergely Boha

    I can’t tell you an average value for mercaptane level (depends on feed). But 1200 ppm does not seem to be a high value for me. I usually experience greater mercaptane level than indicated.

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    1200 ppm is not high by any means.  I would say that this would be great if it was obtainable.

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    well, this depend of the vacumm that are you going to process and the composition of the LPG, for example mixed butane can contain around 300 wppm H2S, 6000 wppm RSH and 20 wppm COS after amine tower

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    in propane around 1000 wppm RSH, 100-200 wppm H2S, Butanes around 1000-2000 wppm RSH

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