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Maximum feed preheat temperature in FCCU

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    Freddy Martinez

    My question is related with the maximum temperature that can be reached in the feed preheater furnace in FCC unit. We operate one of our FCC units in maximum distillates mode and we want to decrease cat/oil to minimum. Currently, we have the following design limits in the feed preheater furnace: 360C (680 F) in the process size and 419C (786F) in the skin points of the furnace tubes. According to an study of our engineering department, temperature in the skin points could be increased until 467C (873F). But our main concern is that an increase in temperature in furnace tubes could cause coking of the feed. Although the feed to the unit is MildHydrocracker residue, that has low tendency to coking.
    Has anyone experience running FCC units at feed preheat temperatures higher that 360C (680F) in process / 419C (786F) in skin point?
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    I’ve run a unit with 100% hydrotreated feed up to 440C at the preheater outlet. This comes with skin temps up to 450C and TMT’s up at 480C.
    Clearly with hydrotreated feed, the coking tendency is low. So no history of coking on the furnace.

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