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Max Coke Drum Size

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    I am collecting the data on coker drum sizes (dia and height) and corresponding coker unit capacity for my studies. So far I have got the information that max dia of the coke drum is 29 ft. And max height of the drum is 120 ft. Has somebody got the information, where either the dia or the height is exceeding the above values. Just give the information about that plant (whether operating or under construction or under design). The above information will be very helpful for completing my project (as a part of my bachelors degree).
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    Amit – the MAP Garyville coke drums are 30 ft in diameter.
    Charlie Randall

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    Check with SINOPEC’s Yangzi Petrochemical, Inc. –  9.4 m.

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    Can any body tell me what is the optmail size of coke drum for 100 mbd Coker Unit and what is the things that used to design the right dia. and hight?

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    Thats a calc made by the licensor. The diameter depends on the feed, Heater outlet temp (% of vaporization) and the maximum gas velocity to avoid coke entraintment to the fractionator. The height depends on the amount of coke and the cicle. For 100 mbd, you should have 6 big drums, around 30 ft diameter, and the height depends on the cicle chosen.

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    At the moment drums of 32 feet of diameters with a height between 122 -124 feet F/F are being constructed  (coker in India and it is had predicted other to coker in Saudi Arabia)
    For an units between 90 and 120 mbd,  6 coke drums are needed  (this depend of the  coke production/type of feed/concarbon) with cycles between 14 to 18 hours, the diameter are  fixed by the gases velocity inside of  the drum (typically between 0,3-0,4 f/s)
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