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Marathon: Coker Expansion

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    Charles Randall

    From the December 2005 Annual Report.  See the complete presentation (1 MB) at
    [align=left]Except for historical information, this presentation contains forward-looking information with respect to the timing of conceptual studies
    [align=left]a potential Garyville expansion or
    [align=left]conceptual studies of Cokers for the Detroit and Catlettsburg refineries,
    [align=left]projected increases for Brand gasoline volumes and projected SSA same store merchandise sales increases.
    [align=left]These forward looking statement are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied from such information.

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    Charles Randall

    MAP Detroit & Cattlesburg Coker Update & Table notice January 2006

    Just released – Morgan Stanly released Marathon’s EVP presentation of expansion plans & slides 19 – 27 have details on the Garyville (not mentioned 35 MBD) new coker crude expansion, Detroit refinery new coker 20 MBD addition & Cattlesburg refinery 37 MBD new coker addition.   The slide 22 shows the increase in Canada syncrude & blended bitumen crude projections and what is driving a lot of the recent inland coker expansions for next 4-5 years.
    The Marathon cokers are on my table for New Refinery Coker & Upgrade Coker Additons –  just 3 of the 28 in the EPC / Stratup stage – appearing in the next Argus Petcoke report in February 2006 with comments. There is also another table with 29 New Refinery Cokers & Upgrade Coker Additons in the Planning/Early EPC stages. These are expected to come online in the 2005-2011 time frame.
    Charlie Randall
    Pace Global Energy Services
    Project Manager

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