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manpower management connected reducing cycle time

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    I’m Coker Engineer at factory of South Korea.
    Our Drum Cycle Time is now 16 hr and We want to reduce Drum Cycle time to 14 hr.
    But before we consider equipment reinforcement & addition, we agonize about manpower management.
    Especially, if we change our coker cycle time, sometimes our plant operators & Decoking crews close time(shift time) is overlap to Drum S/W Time. (we calculated)
    So we wants to get some information about other company which have more short cycle time than 16 hr.
    But it is very difficult to find those information at this site, [:(],(.)
    manpower management information, which we want to know, is like that

    1. Are there company, which dont use auto unheading system, among 14 hr or short cycle company?
    (we dont have autounheading system)

    2. If there are those companys, How many people are there in operatior / Decoking crew shift?

    3. Especially, we have interest to Decoking crew management.
    – shift switch time / How to manage on-duty hour.
    – How many Decoking crew need to Drum S/W.
    – and other many thing etc

    If some one have interest that topic and would you answer that question?
    Can you leave some contact point?

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