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    Maintenance & Reliability Group A

    ~ Dedicated maintenance crew has given best results
    ~ Maintenance tracking bad actions and keeping records on PM work (bearing clearance)
    ~ Third Party Inspections
         – Derricks
         – Valves
         – Cables
    ~ Structure Automaton
         – Message to vendors to improve designs and reliable feedback as to valve gate / plug position
    Maintenance & Reliability Group B

    ~ PM Program
         – Criticality Matrix to prioritize work orders
         – % of weekly work order are PM
         – Monitoring and tracking of critical equipment to predict upcoming maintenance.
         – How do you get operators to do work?
         – Management feedback for successful PM
    ~ Drum Cracking – Industry wide need to address drum cracking from a design point.
         – API Recommended Practice
         – Survey of problems & what has been working
    ~ Winterization

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