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Lyondell Refinery – 3Q 2008 Plans Overhaul Coker & Crude unit

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    Charles Randall

    Lyondell plans Q3 overhaul of Houston units: CEO
    3 Jun, 2008, 0245 hrs IST, REUTERS

    HOUSTON: LyondellBassell Industries plans to overhaul a crude distillation unit and a coking unit at its 270,000-barrel-per-day (bpd) Houston refinery in the third quarter of this year, said Chief Executive Volker Trautz on Monday.

    The coker is one of two at the refinery, which also has two crude distillation units.

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    What kind of work will they be doing on the coker ? Who is the licensor ?

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    Charles Randall

    The type work on crude & coker unit was not indicated nor is it on the NA Refining S/D & Maintenance list posted  on for May 2008.

    They are only working on one of cokers this says – not sure which one.  The 4 drum coker unit installed in 1998 had Foster Wheeler coke technology license and think they had replace those 4 drums in 2002 due some cone bottom /skirt cracking issues (& may gone back with Chrome metallurgy on drums). 

    Not sure about the original coking unit (installed prior 1992?). < Think the Two coker units were listed as Coker Unit CO448 & Coker Unit CO736 ??> 

    Citgo – Lyondell formed partnership in 1993 and upgraded refinery in 1997 to handle the Heavy Venezuelan crude. <Citgo sold its 32.3% interest for ~$2Billion in Aug 2006 to Lyondell which then merged with primary petchem customer Basell in Dec 2007 …. Lyondell was valued at $20 Billion so guess Chavez Really screwed up just get new crude supply contract>. 

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    the coker units should be labeled as 736 and 737… 736 being the old coker and 737 the newer one
    they will be pulling all 4 drums and installing delta valves on 736 its quite a big project….

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    Delta valves…..good for safety.
    How old are the drums ??

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    Charles Randall

    Capability boost
    June 24, 2008
    LyondellBasell Industries plans to expand its global polypropylene (PP) compounding capacity to 1.2 million tons/year by the end of 2009, a growth rate of more than 30%.  The capacity boost will occur as a result of opening a new plant in Guangzhou, China and Damman, Saudi Arabia as well as further expansion at existing sites in Suzhou, China; Rayong, Thailand; and Ensenada, Argentina.  They are also considering additional plant investment options for Russia and India.

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