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Loose bolts on Coke structure and Piping

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    Pedro Siblesz
    Participant Members,

    What is your experience with recurrent loose bolts on the Structure and Piping associated to Delayed Coker Drums?

    What type of bolts are you using on these piping systems? B7, B16
    Do you have periodic tasks programed to retighten these bolts? How often?


    P. Siblesz

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    I worked for a major refinery here in Houston. We had a company check all of the bolting in the drum structure two times in 20 years. We did find a number of bolts missing and loose. We choose to do this about every 10 years. We had B-16 bolts in all of the hot oil lines. We didn’t have any problems with the bolting getting loose on any of our “hot” process piping.

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