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Lima Coking Refinery celebrates 125th Anniversary June 2011

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    basil parmesan

    125th Anniversary Celebration of Lima Refinery Sunday June 12, 2011
    In 1885, Lima businessman Benjamin Faurot was looking for ways to cut expenses at his paper mill and strawboard company.  He hired a team of drillers hoping to hit natural gas or a good water supply.  Instead, he hit oil and sparked a massive oil boom in Ohio and Indiana.  Within months, a prosperous new business emerged:  the Solar Refinery.  The presence of the refinery in Lima, Allen County led to the expansion of existing infrastructure and spawned new enterprises.  Today, the Lima Refinery, owned and operated by Husky Energy, is the oldest, continuously operated refinery site in the state of Ohio.  It is a world-scale facility with a throughput capacity of 160,000 barrels of crude oil a day.  Products include gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, residual fuels and petrochemical feedstocks.  With 580 workers, the Lima refinery produces approximately 2 billion gallons of refined petroleum products annually, including approximately 25 percent of the gasoline consumed in the state of Ohio.

        The Allen County Museum and Historical Society is pleased to be the host site for the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the Lima Refinery
    Anniversary Celebration of the Lima Refinery.  Activities for the day include:

        Tours of the refinery via shuttle bus

        Media presentations

        Exhibit of rare collections owned by the Lima Refinery

        Dedication of a Refining Exhibit at the Museum

        Historic Vehicles, including Thunderbolt the M-4 Sherman Tank

        Tours of the MacDonell House – home to the first manager of the refinery

        Opportunity to learn more about the Husky Lima Refinery and its plans for the future

        Refreshments and Souvenirs

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    Charles Randall

    Just in case you are wondering – BP Lima is the oldest operating refinery in US. Its sister refinery BP Toledo is the second oldest operating refinery and Husky (former BP) Whiting refinery had first coker in 1929.
    All these older BP Padd 4 refineries were part of Original Standard Oil before it split into the 7 sisters which became majors like BP.
    The Whiting coker was developed in 1916 -1930 using Bronson process and became first delayed coker installed refinery. Prior to 1916 the crude stills were shutdown and coke mined from bottom of stills/towers.  The fluid coking process didnt come along until 1953.

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    Charles Randall

    Sorry I got the Standard/Whiting process application name wrong – it was Burton process not Bronson.
    There was some controversy at the time that Burton’s 1908 patent for coking was just modification of Russian
    Shuthov’s 1891 cracking process patent. But nothing came of challenge or they resolved it & Standard’s Whiting delayed coker was installed & started up 1929.

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