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    Hi all,
    Am quite new to coker ops. Please bear with me.
    What is the effect on the coker if say diesel like material slips/let slip into the coker feed? Say around 25% of the coker feed.
    I was thinking maybe the furnace pass would see two phase flow and the flow instrument would trigger a low flow trip of the furnace. What would be other possibilities?


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    coker squirrel

    Too much light material in the feed to the Fractionator could cause the Heater Charge pump to cavitate and loose suction. This would trigger a low flow trip on the Heater but this wouldn’t be because of a two phase flow. Some light material in the feed to the Fractiontor could cause an increase in Fractionator overhead make and if uncontrolled could lead to a Compressor shutdown.

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    Alfredo Velasco

    Other problems like a high increment on the pressure drop, because cavitation of flow control valves. Care with the transfer line.

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    in our DCU we constantly have this problem whenever the vacuum unit upsets. The first indication will be on the charge pumps where the amps will go high. The overall gas make will be a higher resulting in system pressuring up. This would overload the overhead condenser and increase compressor inlet gas temperature. Further increase will trip the compressor.
    The only mitigation plan we would have to reduce feed whenever we notice there is an upset or the charge pumps going up.


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