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    Hedewandro Lucredi

    We need to replace the rotary joint seals each 3 to 4 months because leaking. Our rotary joints are new. Our DCU started 2004 and the rotary joints are from a traditional supplier. We discuss with the supplier in order to improve the quality but we still continuous to have problem (leaking).
    Is it common with other refineries ? What is it the typical time to replace ? 

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    ted pivo

    question your operators who cut the drums ramming the drill into not only damages the cutting tool, the threads in the drill stems and BLOWS the packing in the rotary head
    we have had 3 failures in the last few years , it normally takes 3 -4 hours to change, it takes longer to get permits and scaffold built than to replace the packing cartriage

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    Which or where are the damage in the rotary, is at the bearing or in the packing? in our units the leak coming from packing, change the packing use to take 4 or 5 hours, if the damage are the bearing, (if I remember are 4 for flowserve system) you can take a look for the way of the operator is cutting the coke, too fast the tool hit the coke and this can produce that the bearing  get damage. We had this problem few years ago, and we talk with they in order to cutting the pilot (hole) with a velocity of 2 3 feet for minute. this reduce this fail in almost 99 %
    Best Regards

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    Ken Osment

    We have had to redesign some components to make our rotary joints more reliable. Of key importance make sure that the washpipe does not deflect off center when pressured resulting in loss of seal energization and eventual leakage from the lower seal. The second area to pay attention to is the surface finish and coatings used on the lower seal. You need to minimize the friction generated when the seal is energized or running dry.

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