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jet pump

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    we have only one jet pump for coke cutting in our coker , we need to know what we can do if we have big problem in this pump , what is the alternatives ? what we can do? please , send your experince.
                                                        D.B. G.coker man

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    Valero Texas City: We installed a complete set of hook-ups for portable pumps to be brought in by DISC
    ph# 281-842-8000. They now own the pumps and are very easy to hook up. We have a FlowServe high pressure 4200psig system and have to roll an 8in 2500psi fig. 8 blind flange to isolate the pump for maitenance. I can scan and e-mail the drawings I made to install this system if you would like. We have had three different crews come in and do this pumping and all said ours was the most user friendly they have had. ph# 409-948-7362

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