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    how about mogas ball valve for coker isolation

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    Mogas valves do not have a great history with cokers. I suggest you stick with Velan they have the best track record.
    Jimmy Foret

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    have you heard of SchuF isolation valves?  I was at the conference in Calgary, Canada, they have a great design in which you can drop out the bottom of the valve to clean the coke out in-line, pretty innovative.

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    Metso also has the Neles isolation and switch valves. Great track record.

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    We are hearing good things about the Neles from Metso as well…

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    We have installed Mogas 8 metal seated 600# 9chrome ball valves on the heater pass control stations ~3yrs ago. No problems with them thus far. Valero Texas City

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    Anybody using new Delta valve Isolation valves? They claim none steam consumption, although their GV850 call for steam purge.
    I heard about Chevron Coker trying it

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