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Isolation valves, interlocks

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    Date: 29 Sep 2005

    We are currently considering in our coker to make the operation of the coke drums as automatic as possible. So the questions are: Which companies are advisable for manufacturing coker isolation valves? switch valves? Is the ball valve design the best? How would you compare it with the gate valve/wedge plug design? Are there other designs? How about ease of inclusion of interlocks: in ball valves? gate valves? wedge plug? Thanks in advance.
    -Javier M

    …reposted from old discussion web

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    You can look in the old discussion there are some information about your Questions (Wilson synder vs velan, Remote coke cutting,etc) Regards

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    Ball valves tend to be more reliable due to their ease of automating only a rotary motion, unlike the wedgeplug type valve which must lift, rotate, then reseat. Reliability problems tend to ocurr in this area. Metso Automation and Velan both offer isolation and switch ball valves. Just don’t lose steam pressure!

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    Ball Valves in particular the velan are the best.

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