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Is it insane to switch jobs right now?

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    So I was aggressively job hunting right when all this happened. I have some solid, promising leads that are still moving forward. If I get a job offer (at my dream company) in the coming week or two, is it just lunacy to make a move right now? I am really hating what I’m doing but the work is steady for now and I can work remotely, even if it does drain my soul.

    EDIT ; thanks for all your perspectives. Can’t reply to them all individually as I’m working right now but I definitely appreciate your time and attention.

    OFF WORK EDIT: Well this got some attention. I’ll try and answer direct questions as best I can. Regarding details: I’m keeping them vague for anonymity but it’s a fair bet the industry I’m in now (largely servicing grocery stores) is more stable than the one I would be headed to (outdoor equipment manufacturing). Thanks, again, to everyone for the time and perspectives! If I am offered a position after the interview process (beginning tomorrow), there will be lengthy discussion about assurances and protection during the transition, taking into account everything mentioned here.

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