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    Paul R Orlowski

    The entire refinery depends on instruments and electrical equipment. In this two day course, you will understand how they work, explore case studies and discover the latest and greatest technologies to make you profitable.

    Who Should Attend

    Operators desiring a better understanding of the power and control systems they interface with daily.
    Maintenance personnel responsible for regular maintenance and critical PMs on instrument and electrical equipment.
    Process engineers who rely on instrument and control systems for safe and reliable operation of their unit.
    What You Will Learn

    Day 1- The Operator to Instrument Interface

    Plant Instrumentation-Your Second Most Valuable Sensors
    Recognizing proper installation of basic Temperature, Pressure, Flow, and Level sensors
    Typical problems operators experience with Differential Pressure/Orifice Plate Flow measurements
    Case studies of level instrumentation failures leading to disaster
    Understanding the basic components of control valves and how to troubleshoot problems
    Using DCS trends to get the big picture
    Day 2 – Plugging Operators into Electrical Systems

    Controlled vs. Uncontrolled Electrical Energy
    Protecting yourself and the equipment from electrical damage
    A good understanding of Motors and Starters
    Case studies of electrical starter failures
    Responding to alarmed ground faults
    How to be certain equipment is de-energized
    Finding the Healthy Balance – Respect instead of Fear of electricity


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