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    mohamed sayed

    if injection steam(velocity steam ) failure case in fired heater ,can we put boiler feed water .If yes,what is the parameters should be maintained in BFW and Heater….

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    At normal process conditions, the BFW will vaporize into steam. So you should use the same mass flow rate of BFW that you use with steam. You may see an increase in firing due to the energy input for the heat of vaporization.

    It is rare to see a plant with both steam and BFW injection at the heater inlet. It is normally either/or. Does your design design have both? I’m guessing the BFW is used only during online spalling per the design?

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    senthil kumar

    is there any coker fired heater running with pass balancing mode in full on stream hours?

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    The question is unclear to me….please elaborate. What is the problem?

    Yes, there are many sites which use an automated DCS based pass balancing application.

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    daniel samuel

    maintaining same flow in each pass of coker heater is little difficult due to constarints like tube skin temerature and inlet pressure will be different for each pass. if you implement pass balancing in dcs it may need manual intervention like bias value (mainly at the end of run). Normally this pass balancing is implemented in APC which takes care of these constraints.


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    Mr Daniel, we are not adjusting pass flow on all the passes. we just maintaining some x m3/hr in all the passes.

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