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Hydrodec Opens Nations first recycle plant for Transformer oil (& its PCB's) in Canton

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    Charles Randall

    Hydrodec Opens Nation’s First Refinery for Sustainable and Reusable Transformer Oil
    Tuesday October 7, 8:00 am ET

    SUPERfine(TM) Oil Saves Utilities Money, Reduces Pollution and Emissions, Decreases Dependency on Imported Oil

    CANTON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hydrodec today officially opened the nation’s first sustainable transformer oil refinery in Canton, Ohio, where it will produce SUPERfineTM–the world’s first sustainable and reusable transformer oil1. The 8 million gallon per year capacity plant will recycle spent transformer oil and convert it into new SUPERfineTM transformer oil which can be used (and re-used) by utilities across the country, saving them money, reducing emissions and decreasing reliance on imported oil. The 22,000 square foot plant will initially provide up to 35 family-wage jobs.

    [size=-2]Source: Hydrodec

    [size=-1]Hydrodec’s new Canton, Ohio, sustainable transformer oil refinery. (Photo: Business Wire).  View Multimedia Gallery

     “We estimate that each year more than 400 million pounds of carbon dioxide are generated from the secondary use of used transformer oil,” said John Cowan, president of Hydrodec North America. “With SUPERfine oil, Hydrodec hopes to get that number down to zero. Best of all, in the process, we help utilities save money, help increase our energy independence and create jobs here in Canton.”
    Hydrodec chose Canton because it is centrally located, within 500 miles of the largest utility users in the country, and because of its favorable environment for businesses.
    “Supporting the growth of sustainable technology in cities like Canton will make Ohio an intersection for innovation and industry,” said Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher, who also serves as Director of the Ohio Department of Development. “The commercialization of Hydrodec’s new technology in Ohio will not only expand the Akron-Canton regional economy, it will help to reduce emissions and increase efficiency on an international level.”
    Currently, most used transformer oil is sold to waste oil companies, who then re-sell it for a variety of uses, including: home heating oil, bunker fuel, low-cost diesel fuel, cutting oil, cheap hydraulic oil substitutes, or as fuel for cement kilns. Regardless of the secondary market, however, virtually all of this used oil is eventually burned, releasing thousands of tons of carbon emissions and often other harmful contaminants, such as PCBs and other “Persistent Organic Pollutants” into the air.
    Hydrodec’s proprietary technology addresses this issue by converting used transformer oil into new SUPERfineTM transformer oil–a chemical contaminant-free product that meets and usually exceeds all industry standards. SUPERfineTM can be recycled again and again, giving utilities a sustainable, recyclable, reliable resource. Spent oil is removed from the marketplace, fewer toxins are released into the air, carbon footprints are reduced, and dependence upon imported crude oil is lessened.
    “We are thrilled that Hydrodec chose to build their new facility right here in Canton,” said Canton Mayor William Healy. “We’ve worked hard to reinvigorate our manufacturing industries here, and Hydrodec is a great example of the success of our efforts. We’re looking forward to helping them succeed in their efforts to reduce pollution and carbon emissions, decrease dependency on imported oil and lower costs for utilities across our country.”
    SUPERfineTM has many positive features and benefits compared to regular transformer oil:

      Outperforms other comparable mineral oils
      Has superior oxidation stability, longevity, chemical purity and stability in service than regular transformer oil
      Meets or exceeds all industry standards
      Is not dependent on crude oil markets or exchange rate variations, resulting in a fixed price

    Hydrodec will sell SUPERfineTM oil directly to utilities for use in existing transformers as well as to transformer manufacturers and oil suppliers, who will use it in new transformers. By producing at capacity (8 million gallons of SUPERfineTM oil per year), the Canton facility will effectively remove millions of pounds of CO2 emissions per year.
    About Hydrodec
    Hydrodec (AIM:HYR) is a specialty “sustainable” oil producer and the creators of SUPERfineTM–the world’s first sustainable, reusable near zero-emission transformer oil. Hydrodec is traded on the London Stock Exchange, and operates refining facilities in New South Wales, Australia and Canton, Ohio in the United States. Two new plants in Mississippi and Japan are in development. More information is available at and
    Notes to Editors:
    1. Transformers are used for switching electrical supply from low to high voltage for transmission over long distances and back again. Transformer oil insulates and cools these transformers.
    2. Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) compounds were used as insulating oils because of their enhanced thermal, fire safety and stability properties. They were later found to be toxic and banned in the late 1970s. Some older transformers still have traces of PCBs and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) through cross contamination.

    Contact:North America Contact
    Scoville PR for Hydrodec
    John Williams, 206-660-5503
    UK Contact
    Curve PR for Hydrodec
    Emma Davis, +44 (0) 20 8742 1597

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    Charles Randall

    Here is update on the new (8 million gal/year) Hydrodec plant in Canton official opening & will ~recycle transformer oil for reuse and solve a lot of issues around burining it & contamination issues around its PCB content. Canton is strategically located near several large utilities (some coal fired & some gasifiers) and will be a boon to them but not to waste recyclers, cement producers or some home heating users……but that just makes more room for alternate petcoke & coal use in this area of the country.

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