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Hydrocyclone choking

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    Neelabh Sharma

    Our Unit was commissioned 2 years back, Since then the maze–> sump pumps–> hydro cyclone are performing well…..
    however 1 month back we started hearing abnormal sound from the hydro cyclone….after observing for 2 days…we found that the bottoms fines gravity drain to maze got choked.
    Then we decided to install a hydro cyclone Bypass line(we did not have one in the design). Upon opening the hydrocyclone we found several liner were damaged & in pieces, also several were found  to be choked. Now we have reordered the cyclone liners & are in the process of installing a filter in the upstream of the hydro cyclone.
    Comments & suggestions solicited

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    Desh 562001

    I’d like to ask you instead, few questions on your experience on Hydrocyclones :
    1) What is the Liner Material
    2) Any recommendation on the suppliers? We are presently in market for installation in our DCU; however suppliers are observed to be very few eg. the likes of Weir, Krebbs… 

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    Neelabh Sharma

    Liner is Alumina 96%
    Ours is Krebs Hydrocyclone…don’t know much about other vendors

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