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How do we turn hits into replies or more questions??

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    Here’s a question.  What does it take to get people to share their experience on this site?  The posts are being read, but there aren’t many answers.  There aren’t many posts for that matter either.  I know I can’t be the only one with sulfur plant issues.  What kinds of problems are you having that you need answers for?  What kind of things have you discovered that are worth bragging about?  What kinds of Root Cause Failure Analysis have you conducted that others might learn from?  What is keeping people from offering their opinions?  This doesn’t make a very useful discussion forum if there is no discussion.

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    Jeanne rameau

    Petebfhr, the first Conference has just taken place in Houston. It takes time to build a community and get the word out. Please don’t be discouraged and stick with it.

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    Pete Bisila

    SRS- thanks for the encouragement.  I would be more discouraged if no one was looking at these posts, but since they are, I wish they would offer their advice or ask a question for discussion. I would like to know what are the barriers keeping people from sharing their knowledge and experience. Is it an information security thing/company policy, a lack of interest, not the right participants, etc?
    I didn’t make it to the conference this year.  Are there any reports on how it went? Plusses/Minuses?

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    I was one of the individuals who attended the conference.  Hopefuly more people will join the forum and build the community.

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    Mike Corron

    Oops, I wasn’t logged in [8|].  The above post was from me.

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