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    Horizontal chemical process pump
    HZ (closed impeller type) chemical process pump is a single stage, single suction, cantilever type centrifugal pump which absorbs the advanced technologies from overseas, and is designed based on the advantages of F1, IH, CZ, ZBG chemical process pumps. HZ chemical process pump owns the features of better operation performance, anti-cavitation, long life of mechanical seals and bearings, reliable operation, updated structure and easy maintenance.
    Flow rate: Q= 2~2050 (m³/h)
    Total head: H=3~150 (m)
    Speed: n=1450/2900rpm
    Temperature: T=-20~250℃
    S.g.: γ≤1.85
    Pump diameter: 50~350mm
    ZGPV Chemical Process Pump Features
    The impeller is a closed impeller, which uses rear blades and wear rings to balance axial forces.
    The impeller and shaft are connected by a key and locked by a special impeller nut. Eliminates the possibility of impeller nuts becoming loose during operation, shutting down, and backflow.
    Back-pull design, the rotating part can be removed from the housing without removing the pipe.
    The sealed cavity is designed with a tapered space to install the mechanical seal into a spacious room. At the same time, the impeller rear blade, the inner surface and the guide blade work together to form a self-flushing flow sealed cavity without any external flushing fluid. Self-flushing flow can quickly eliminate the heat on the friction pair; self-flushing flow can avoid the accumulation of particles (<5%) between the moving ring and the static ring, thereby extending the service life of the mechanical seal.

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