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High temperature at Furnace Convection section

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    Freddy Martinez

    We have prepared our furnace to do the first OLS (on Line Spalling), but we can not finished and stopped the OLS. We injected water and we observed that the convection section temperature increase above the design temperature. Is it common ? How can I control the furnace convection temperature during OLS ?

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    How is your fired heater configuration? Is the convection section common for the pass that was spalling and the pass that was operating with hidrocarbon? Did you try to adjust the excess of air?

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    Independant convection oils of each pass is the best configuration for OLS.However it is a little costlier. Though this is not a must for good OLS. Trick is to lower the adjacent pass COT also while doing OLS.
    Convection temp going high while injecting water is not heard of. Is it due to less than required water/steam injection in pass under OLS?
    Excess air in the specific pass does help to lower the temp during spalling.

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    Patrick Eaves

    Most skin temps are limited to 1300-1350*F. Reduce your outlet temps to compensate. Usually 2-4 burners are all that is required depending on how many burners your furnace has.

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