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High Frequency of Online Spalling

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    Date: 05 Aug 2004

    Please, can help me with information about the “high frequency of online spalling”?, where I can obtain referred information to the subject?, which are the variables that affect the process?, where it happens with more east frequency problem?, and which are the possible solutions?. I appreciate its collaboration to them, Julio Rodriguez email: JCRCARPIO@HOTMAIL.COM

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    Arbues Maymi

    Julio, Do you mean how frequent you spall? We go by the highest skin temperature, usually near the outlet of the pass. We monitor flow (we use BFW), inlet pressure, and pass skin temperature near outlet and the outlet temperture. We do one pass at the time. On line spalling is done every 7-8 months (depends on what skin temperature target you use).

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    I suppose you either use P5 or P9 tubes for coker. I would like to know the following

    1) What is the target skin temp. you use.
    2) What is its’ relationship with design pr. of the coker heater ?


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    Re: online spalling
    From: jim
    Category: Process
    Date: 31 Jul 2005

    we recently underwent our first spall, 2 passes in the same bay, common convection section, we didn’t see the results we expected, we had some skins in the 1240 upwards range when we started, is this the biggest problems, should spalling take place at below 1200, would we see results then, thanks

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    how to proceede OLS your DCU?
    we consider OLS when skin temp at 1130.
    And change temperature from 932F to 1200F During OLS.
    2 days are required for 1 pass.
    maximum 5.5 ton/hr BFW

    let me know yours

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    sh no

    Can anyone share any experience dealing with controlling coke fines at coker water runoff basin? What would be the best effective measures?

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    You can have the pit crane operator clean the fines in-front of basin, then put some fresh coke fines to the front to help filter the fines out.
    The crane operator can then clean the basin fines collector 2 to 3 times a week. That’s what we do at our coker.

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    We set the online spalling limit at 1184F (P9 tubes) and during the spall, increase the temperature to 1250F and spall for approximately 24 hours.

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