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High frequency of backwashing of HCGO filter

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    Freddy Martinez

    I am working in a low pressure (fractionator top pressure 0.35 kg/cm2g) 24hr cycle delayed coker which is having automatic filter backwash system in HCGO stream. The backwash outlet goes to blowdown tower and due to high frequency of backwash, the blowdown tower is always full. The blowdown tower material is fed to coke drum overhead line for quenching of vapor and it is also recycled back to fractionator bottom. When the blowdown tower can’t be emptied in these two places, it is sent back to DCU feed tank (sending to DCU feed tank started due to unmanageable blowdown tower only). We increased the fractionator top pressure, increased the wash oil flow, decreased/increased the drum feed inlet temp, decreased drum overhead after quench temp, increased HCGO filter inlet temp but nothing is working and it is limiting unit thruput.
    I am giving below some operating parameter:
    Feed Sp Gr-0.98-0.99, CCR-10-13 wt%
    Furnace outlet temp- 500 degC
    Drum overhead after quench temp- 425 degC
    Drum pressure- 1.0 kg/cm2G
    Fractionator flash zone pressure- 0.75 kg/cm2G
    HCGO filetr inlet temp- 140 degC

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    Hi Jeff,

    Type of filter element is wedge wire and media is backwash filtered HCGO.


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